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A main objective in UNIkid is to foster your child's positive development. In all courses, we emphasize enhancing their achievement motivation, creativity in problem-solving and self-competency.

AUDIENCES – specially designed academic and non-academic programs for Pre-schoolars (aged 1.5 to 2 years old); Kindergarten children (K.1 to K.3); Primary school students (P.1 to P.6) and Junior High students (F.1 to F.3).

TAILORED-CLASSES – depending on the individual child’s capabilities and interests, we classify them into small interactive classes. Your child is led by our professional teachers in discussion groups with 6 children of similar academic backgrounds and levels so that they could have a free and comfortable learning environment.

CROSS-CULTURAL – we offer cross-cultural training for your child. We provide stable Native English-speaking teachers had all attained professional qualifications . At the same time, our local language speaking teachers help your child to better understand the fundamentals of different subjects.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT – while emphasizing on your child’s self-competence, we constantly communicate with you to let you know his/her academic and psychological development progress, allowing you to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.


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